Slots Games Basis


Slot games are very simple to play. One should only slide a few coins into the Slot machine, push a button and enjoy the game. So, the entire process takes a few seconds. But, like any other game, Slots have its peculiarities and complications:

  • Classic Slot machine has millions of variables and the game's functions are more complex than in poker, craps or even blackjack.
  • The complications consist in the fact that it is a random game. But the player's choices during the game can significantly influence the result of it.
  • There a lot of Slots strategies, and if you want to play this game well it is obligatory for you to know them.

But at first, basic functions of Slot machines:

Slot machine has 3 or more reels. The sections in the reel are called stops. In every stop you can see an image of a symbol: cherries, Sizzling 7, a pot of gold or something like that. A player should put money into it, pull a handle or push a button, and the reels starts to spin.

After a few seconds the spinning stops and the symbols displayed. And the payline shows how much a player has won. The prizes are shown on pay table, which is situated in a panel below and/or above the reels. Credits are on a meter. The machine dispenses vouchers which can be played in other games or cashed.

Old-fashioned Slot machines

Old-fashioned Slot machines have a handle. The handle has the same function as the button "Spin"; it activates a mechanism which makes the game start.

Slot machines' Buttons

  • Service" This button is used for calling a slot attendant in the case of machine is malfunctions.
  • Cash out" is used when a player need to cash out.
  • Bet One" is one that wagers credits in increments.
  • Bet Max" bets multiple credits and activates a slit mechanism.