What is Bellagio Slot Tournament?

An archetypal Bellagio slot tournament is a tournament in which each player competes for winning the FREEPLAY® prizes and huge amount of cash by collecting the highest points in the multiple rounds of slots played. Participants are assigned to the machines in a random order and for a fixed period, they are provided with unlimited spins. Putting money into the slots is not required. As a player hit the winning combination he win points, and the more spin he completes within that time enhances his chances of collecting more points, and increase his total score. The final score after all the rounds are done are totaled to decide the tournament rankings.

The working of slot tournaments

During registration player are assigned the session times (Check out tournament registration question given below for any more information). The emcee will proclaim the session's times at the tournament and will welcome the guests in the arena. The arena is generally the luxurious ballrooms of Bellagio. Players take their seat at machines, which were assigned to them during registration. Count of three begins and on three, the players start to hit the button on the slot machine and play for the period of that round. Thos who hit winning combination are awarded with points. A representative of the slot club comes to take down all the scores when the session ends.

After the game, players are invited to stay back in the arena to enjoy the whole event. They can even come back afterward for the next round. After the rounds, guests come back to the arena for the award ceremony where the announcement of the winners is made.

The amount that you can win

The structure of the prize money depends on the tournaments. The awards can be ranging from 20,000 dollars to even a million bucks. Another surety is that all the players are winners at Bellagio. Even the payer to stand last wins a prize.

Invitation to this slot tournament

These tournaments are held in reserve for the invited casino guest of Bellagio. You simply need to sign up for the MGM MIRAGE card for players club. You can do this free at Players Club Desk or at Playersclub.com. You can use this card for playing at Bellagio.

Before the event take place, invites are sent to those who qualified depending on their past gaming activity. The invites are sent via e-mail or mail. Averagely 6,000 points are needed to get the invites. However, the criteria for the invites vary according to the event. You can visit the event's page which is accessible on Bellagioslots.com, for more information about qualification for particular event. You need to fill the form for "Event Registration Request"

The schedule of slot tournaments

Once in a month Bellagio hosts the tournaments. A complete date book can be viewed by the means of the Slots Calendar, which is available on the main webpage of Bellagioslots.com, which gives you the details about the events.