The steps to play the game of slots are listed below:

Step 1: Go through the Payout Table

The pay table is very important when it comes to slots. Before putting in your money in the slot machine, you should go through the pay table. In this way, you can have an insight of the game. The table will help you to know about bet levels for different games like bonus games other than jackpots and about game prizes.

Step 2: Choose a coin size

Depending on your budget, you have to choose a game with an appropriate coin size

Step 3: Put your cash in

You will need credits after you have decided on the slot game you will be playing. Using the note acceptor or the coin chute, you can put your money into the machine.

Step 4: Choosing the Bet Size

Once your money is inside the machine, you can choose the amount on which you would place your wager. You can strike the button of 'Bet Max', on a three-reel slot machine, for betting the maximum coins as well as turning the reels. Things are a bit different with video slots. On these, you will get diverse choices of buttons. Some of them are:

  • Bet Max: With this button you can bet maximum coins and also start the spin
  • Bet One: You can push this button once if you want to place the wager on one credit or twice for two credits.
  • Coins per line: For every pay-line, you can push the coins per line button to bet just one or more coins.
  • Spin: Beside your current bet size, you can press on the Spin button to spin the reel.

Many machines also comprises of a handle, which can also be used to rotate the reels. After choosing the bet size, a player is geared up to start the reels.

You can push the spin button to bet a matching sum or can use the button of 'Bet Max' for betting the maximum.

Step 5: Cash out the winnings

If you win a game, then you can use the cash button or the collect button to cash out whatever you have won. In case, the bonus slots exceed a specific sum, an attendant will come to you and pay you the winning amount together with the IRS tax forms. Small winnings can be compensated in coins that result into the echo of coins, which strike the tray.