The payout percentage of a slot machine is set at the time when it is made in the factory. The manufacturers offer particular kind of slot machine, which comes with multiple payout percentages. For instance, a casino can buy "Blazing 7's" 25-cent slot, which gives out 86.7 percent payout. The same slot can also be ordered with 89.5 percent payout. There are many factors, which affects the payout percentage. In places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City, there is cutthroat competition and publication of results is done on a regular basis. In such situation, a casino tries its best to stay ahead of its competitors. Therefore, the payout percentage is kept close to what is set by the competitors.

The payout percentage of slot machine with lower denomination is less as compared to the machines with higher denomination. In simple words, you will get higher payout with dollar machines as compared to the nickel and quarter machines.

Payouts vary with different places

States like New Jersey, Mississippi and Nevada have higher payouts than other jurisdictions. State where the results of slots are published, for instance, Nevada, Mississippi, New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Connecticut, Lowa, Missouri, Quebec and Louisiana, consistently gives out a higher payout percentage to the clot players. States like Ontario and Michigan does not publish the results so they offer lower payouts. It can be concluded that these states want to avoid any unjust comparison to states like New Jersey and Nevada. One can presuppose that the states where payouts are not published can give out 75 percent to 80 percent paybacks.

Calculation of payout percentages

The payout percentages can differ from one casino to the other as well as from one slot to another, in any casino. Often you can see the signs posted related to the payout percentages next to a dollar carousel. You may find high payout percentages like 98.2%. However, if you think that you will get $98.2 for every $100, then you are wrong. The actual implication is that, after thousands of pulls, the slots will be able to give out the mentioned percentage. The jackpot wins as well as the small wins are calculated in this percentage. It is possible that if a player puts in 500 dollars then he can get back only hundred dollars or two hundred, may be even a lesser amount. Nevertheless, this does not prove the payout percentage to be incorrect. In simple words it will said that you do not have the payout of 98.2 percent. After you move out, the next player who comes in can put a few bucks and can win the whole jackpot. In such condition, the payout actually exceeds the mentioned 98.2 percent. The variation in the payback percentage can vary largely from one casino to the other. Commonly the nickel and penny slots have low percentage of payback as compared to the dollar and quarter slots. The higher the denomination, higher is the payout percentage.