Myth 1: Instead of him if I would have won the jackpot, if only I played a little longer.

The modern slot machines comprises of the RNG (Random Number Generator), which continuously change the combination of symbols so it is entirely based on luck factor. To get similar results two players have to hit the button at the same millisecond, which is 1/1000 of one second.

Myth 2: I did not win because the maintenance man rigged my slot machine.

To look after the proper functioning of the machines is the main job of the maintenance employees. When the machines are manufactured, the payout percentages are fixed into the RNGs at that time only.

Myth 3: I may have won a bigger prize only if I have dragged the handle in place of pressing the 'Spin' button.

The result of a game is nowhere affected whether you push the button or drag the handle. The handle is a mere connection to the same switch that activates the button.

Myth 4: The machine will hit a 'HOT' Cycle

The random number generator gives a different result every time the handle is dragged so any previous result will not affect the coming game.

Myth 5: The machine that hit a jackpot will not generate another jackpot in recent times.

According to the law of probability if a slot machine is played for longer time, then it is very close to hitting a jackpot of progressive slots. At the same time, it is also possible that the machine can hit the jackpot even in the next spin as well.

Myth 6: The slot machines, which are situated on the boundary of the aisles and at the doorway of the casino, are the best to play at.

This is not true in the present circumstances. You can also refer to the segment of the best locations. This segment can help you to determine the best slots location, which gives the highest payback percentages.

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There are some tips, which will help you in case you are searching for best online slots.

  • If you do not have enough money to lose, you should not play with that money.
  • Online casinos also offer special entry bonuses, so just search for these offers.
  • Try to bet maximum coins so that your chances of winning a jackpot increases
  • Search for free slots online so that you can practice the games without losing the money you earned with your hard work.