Slot machine game and Superstitions


Slots are very popular casino game. Millions of people are playing this game during many years. Besides, with the development of technologies online Video Slots are available nowadays. And anyone can enjoy this game at home. This game is not difficult at all; it does not even have some certain rules. But it has its own superstitions.

Superstitions and Reality

  • Coin temperature
  • Despite of senselessness of this fact, a lot of people swear by it. Adherents of this "theory" argue that the temperature of coins can help the player to hit a jackpot. The "theory" is quite suspect, but, of course, if this works for you, enjoy the game. Unfortunately, for online players this method is irrelevant.

  • Catch the sequence
  • Many players believe that it is possible to track the jackpot patter, wait for the certain moment to win big jackpot.

  • Sticking to machine
  • This method allows players to stick to machine long enough to win a jackpot eventually. The truth is that the codes are randomized. So, don't waste your time on it.

  • Stand, don't sit
  • Usually casinos offer chairs for Slots players. But one should think twice before doing this. The thing is that some folks who believe that the fact you stand, not sit, improves your chances of winning.

  • New machines' pay outs
  • It is believed that new Slot machines can provide better odds in comparison with their older counterparts. Indeed, newer machines have more randomization coding. So, again, don't waste your time!

  • Picking your spot
  • This superstition is considered to be the most popular of all: some casinos place 'winning' machines no far from the entrance in order to draw more gamblers inside. In fact, it could be the truth.

Well, there is nothing mistaken if one believes in some of above-mentioned slot machine superstitions. If they make the player feel good, why not.